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Software freeware Emco

Tutto gratis, quindi da vedere e prendere.
EMCO Malware Destroyer (Uguale a malwarebouncer)

Malware Destroyer is a unique malware removal tool with a new and faster scanning engine! It only takes about ~10 seconds to scan your whole computer for over 7500 real targeting definitions. The current version supports most types of malwares like, adware, trojans, worms, spyware and dialers.

EMCO MoveOnBoot

EMCO Software has brought out an intuitive and handy tool known as EMCO MoveOnBoot, the program has a very basic but very useful features that is very helpful especially when your files are locked by a system utility or any other program that prevents you from changing them. Have you ever faced a problem on moving, renaming or deleting files that are locked by your system? If this is true in your case then, look no further MoveOnBoot is the best solution for you. It enables you to perform those actions with ease that requires no hectic procedure.
When you want to delete a file, delete a file in a folder or delete a folder, simply move the file into the program and rename the files or folders that are locked, you can do all this in a breeze.

Below are the main features of EMCO MoveOnBoot:

* Very simple and easy to use interface.
* Delete a single or multiple files
* Delete a single or multiple files within a folder
* Delete a folder
* Move a file
* Rename a file

This small but powerful application can give you detailed report what files are locking specific process. In addition you can kill the process as well to free the locked file.
EMCO Remote Registry Exporter

Sometimes you need to collect information about different registry keys and their values for different programs installed on your machines. Manually opening registry editor and then searching for specific registry keys isn’t an easy task; especially when you have to do this for different programs at the same time.
As a network administrator your duty is not only to monitor your local machines but also to keep your eyes on different machines attached with your network; they could be from two machines to a network of thousands of machines, and if you have to monitor different programs over a network it can get really tricky. It is just next to impossible to do it manually for multiple applications for large scale networks. Now you don’t need to worry about it any further because EMCO has a perfect solution for you.
EMCO Software has created a simple and useful tool known as EMCO Remote Registry Exporter; not only for large scale networks but also for small home networks. It helps you to monitor different registry keys and their values on not just a single machine rather for different machines on your network.

Let’s have a look at the main features:

* Very simple and easy to use interface.
* Detects available machines on your network
* Adds machines manually
* Adds all machines via range of IP addresses
* Adds all machines available on a domain/workgroup
* Export registry keys from your local machines
* Export registry keys form remote machines on your network
* Create command lines for you registry keys
* Process multiple machines parallel

EMCO Remote Install Monitor
Are you tired of manually tracking the state of different machines i.e. the information about the applications that was installed or removed from a machine on your network during a specific time? EMCO Software’s Remote Install Monitor is the perfect solution for you.
For network administrators, it’s really a tough job to audit the installed applications on different machines on their network. EMCO Remote Install Monitor helps you to keep an eye on different applications that are installed or removed from your machines on a network in a specific time.
This small and intuitive yet useful tool isn’t only for large scale networks but you can also use it over small ones or home networks.
Below is the list the benefits that you get from this small and very useful utility:
* Very simple and easy to use interface.
* Detect available machines on your network
* One click scan for your LAN
* Add computers to favorites
* Collect detailed information about the installed applications on your machines over a network
* Add custom applications for scan
* Specify custom scan parameters for applications.
* Compare the state of different machines during the different scans

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Qualkeduno li ha testati?

Report da wintrickers?


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