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Rif: VeraCrypt e la fine de "Il tempo delle mele"...

Un piccolo passo riguardo l'usabilitÓ (anche se a scapito di una teorica minor sicurezza) sta per essere fatto...

Changes between 1.17 and 1.18-BETA5 (28 Avril 2016) :

(this build makes VeraCrypt auto select A: or B: only when there is no other free drive letters)

- Windows:
* Fix boot issues on some machines by increasing required memory by 1 KiB
* Correctly remove driver file veracrypt.sys during uninstall on Windows 64-bit.
* Implement passing smart card PIN as command line argument (/tokenpin) when explicitly mounting a volume.
* When no drive letter specified, choose A: or B: only when no other free drive letter is available.
* Reduce CPU usage caused by the option to disable use of disconnected network drives.
* Add new volume ID mechanism to be used to identify disks/partitions instead of their device name.
* Add option to avoid PIM prompt in pre-boot authentication by storing PIM value unencrypted in MBR.
* Allow files drag-n-drop when VeraCrypt is running as elevated process.
* Minor GUI and translations fixes.
- Linux:
* Fix mount issue on Fedora 23.
- Mac OSX:
* Solve compatibility issue with newer versions of OSXFuse.
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