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Rif: VeraCrypt e la fine de "Il tempo delle mele"...

Rilasciata versione 1.17 finale per i maggiori sistemi operativi, segue uno dei soliti indirizzi...

Changes between 1.16 and 1.17 (13 February 2016) :

  - All OSs:
     * Support UNICODE passwords: all characters are now accepted in passwords (except Windows system encryption)
     * Cut mount/boot time by half thanks to a clever optimization of key derivation (found by Xavier de Carn de Carnavalet)
     * Optimize Whirlpool code by using assembly (25% speed gain compared to previous code).
     * Add support for creating exFAT volumes.
     * Add GUI indicator for the amount of randomness gathered using mouse movement.
     * Include new icons and graphics contributed by Andreas Becker (

  - Windows:
     * Fix dll hijacking issue affecting installer that allows code execution with elevation of privilege (CVE-2016-1281). Reported by Stefan Kanthak (
     * Sign binaries using both SHA-1 and SHA-256 to follow new Microsoft recommendations.
     * Solve issues under Comodo/Kaspersky when running an application from a VeraCrypt volume (Reported and fixed by Robert Geisler)
     * Bootloader: Protect password/PIM length by filling the fields to maximum length with '*' after ENTER
     * Solve issue with system favorites not being able to be mounted to drive A:
     * Solve lost focus issues for after displaying the waiting dialog
     * Solve rare issue where some partitions where associated with wrong disk the "Select Device" dialog. 
     * Implement PIM caching, for both system encryption and normal volumes. Add options to activate it.
     * Don't try mounting using cached passwords if password and/or keyfile are specified in the command line.
     * Internal rewrite to make VeraCrypt native UNICODE application.
     * Workaround to avoid false positive detection by some anti-virus software.     
     * Hide disconnected network drives in the list of available drives. Add option to make them available for mounting.
     * Solve issue that caused in some cases configuration and history XML files to be updated even when not needed.
     * Fix leak of path of selected keyfiles in RAM.
     * Fix TB unit can't be deselected in VeraCryptExpander.
     * Add Alt+i keyboard shortcut for "Use PIM" checkbox.
     * Minor GUI and translations fixes.

  - Linux/MacOSX:
     * Fix issue of --stdin option not handling correctly passwords that contain a space character (reported and fixed by Codeplex user horsley1953).
     * Fix issue creating volumes using command line with a filesystem other than FAT.
     * Support K/M/G/T suffixes for --size switch to indicate unit to use for size value.
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