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OrangeCD Player

OrangeCD Player

OrangeCD Player un semplice player audio che supporta i database CDDB/FreeDB; le feature principali sono:
  • It is compact and does not occupy your screen space
  • It allows the context menu customizations. You can hide menu commands that you don't need (such as About) and put those that you use frequently on top
  • It allows the tooltip display customizations
  • You can assign actions to mouse clicks. For example, single click can pause the playback, and double-click can eject the disc.
  • It has integrated volume controls
  • It fully supports FreeDB protocol. Each time you insert a new CD, it automatically downloads track titles and other information from Internet, so you never have to type the titles manually
  • It integrates well with our music catalog software
  • It supports multiple CD-ROMs or CD changers
  • It allows various playback modes, play lists and direct track access
  • It stores many fields in the database, including recording credits, song lyrics, album covers or your personal reviews or ratings

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