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Rif: VeraCrypt 1.20 bugs > 1.21 RC

ReleaseCandidate 4 in scena...

Questo il changelog...

Changes between 1.20 and 1.21-RC4 (6 July 2017) :
- All OSes:
* Fix 1.20 regression crash when running on CPU not supporting extended features.
* Fix 1.20 regression that caused PIM value stored in favorites to be ignored during mount.
* Fix 1.20 regression that causes some favorites not to mount at logon.
* Fix some cases of "Parameter Incorrect" error during EFI system encryption wizard.

Changes between 1.19 and 1.20 (29 June 2017) :

- All OSes:
* Use 64-bit optimized assembly implementation of Twofish and Camellia by Jussi Kivilinna.
- Camellia 2.5 faster when AES-NI supported by CPU. 30% faster without it.
* Use optimized implementation for SHA-512/SHA256.
- 33% speedup on 64-bit systems.
* Deploy local HTML documentation instead of User Guide PDF.
* Change links in UI from ones on Codeplex to ones hosted at
* Security: build binaries with support for Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).

- Windows:
* Several fixes and modifications for EFI System Encryption:
- Fix bug in decryption using EFI Rescue Disk
- Add support for TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 (experimental) through DCS low level configuration.
- Add Support for EFI full disk encryption and hidden OS using manual procedure (not exposed in UI).
* Enable using Secure Desktop for password entry. Add preferences option and
command line switch (/secureDesktop) to activate it.
* Use default mount parameters when mounting multiple favorites with password caching.
* Enable specifying PRF and TrueCryptMode for favorites.
* Preliminary driver changes to support EFI hidden OS functionality.
* Fix Streebog not recognized by /hash command line.
* Add support for ReFS filesystem on Windows 10 when creating normal volumes
* Fix high CPU usage when favorite configured to mount with VolumeID on arrival.
* Use CHM file for User Guide instead of PDF.
* Fix false warning in case of EFI system encryption about Windows not installed on boot drive.
* Enhancements to driver handling of various disk IOCTL.
* Enhancements to EFI bootloader. Add possibility to manually edit EFI configuration file.
* Driver Security: Use enhanced protection of NX pool under Windows 8 and later.
* Reduce performance impact of internal check for disconnected network drives.
* Minor fixes.

- MacOSX:
* OSX 10.7 or newer is required to run VeraCrypt.
* Make VeraCrypt default handler of .hc & .tc files.
* Add custom VeraCrypt icon to .hc and .tc files in Finder.
* Check TrueCryptMode in password dialog when opening container file with .tc extension.

- Linux:
* Check TrueCryptMode in password dialog when opening container file with .tc extension.
* Fix executable stack in resulting binary which was caused by crypto assembly files missing the GNU-stack note.
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