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Talking Veracrypt v1.21 is OUT!

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Changes between 1.20 and 1.21 (9 July 2017) :
  - All OSes:
     * Fix 1.20 regression crash when running on CPU not supporting extended features.
     * Fix 1.20 regression that caused PIM value stored in favorites to be ignored during mount.
	 * Fix 1.20 regression that causes system favorites not to mount in some cases.
     * Fix some cases of "Parameter Incorrect" error during EFI system encryption wizard.
	 * Install PDF documents related to EFI system encryption configuration for advanced users;
	   - disk_encryption_v1_2.pdf related to EFI hidden OS and full fisk encryption
	   - dcs_tpm_owner_02.pdf related to TPM configuration for EFI system encryption.
     * Add support for building on FreeBSD.

... sperem!
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