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Worm.W32/Torvil.D@P2P+MM - Rischio 4 - Update

Massima attenzione a quello che scaricate in P2P e Irc i prossimi giorni.

Win32/Torvil.D (Enciclopedia Virus (Ontinent)), W32.HLLW.Torvel.B@mm (Symantec), W32/Torvil.d@MM (McAfee)

W32.HLLW.Torvel.B@mm is a mass-mailing worm that uses the currently available MAPI program or its own SMTP engine to spread itself.

The worm may spoof the "From:" field of the email.
The worm can copy itself to the network shares that have
weak passwords.
This worm also attempts to spread itself through the file-sharing
networks, such KaZaA and Xolox, as well as ICQ and mIRC.
This threat is written in the Borland Delphi programming language
and is compressed with ASPack.


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