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AKReal 8.8 Update FULL

AKReal 8.8 RTG (Picasso IV, UAE Zorro III)
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AKReal 8.8 AGA (PAL)
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AKReal: Rilasciata nuova versione di AKReal conversione non ufficiale di AmiKit per Amiga Reali AGA e RTG. La nuova release con istallazione completa include le nuove icone Ken's Icons. Chi ha la vecchia versione AKReal installata gli basterÓ solo avviare il sistema per ottenere automaticamente l'aggiornamento attraverso la funzione di Live Update

AKReal 8.8 Update and FULL install Released by Retrofan: Download

Tutte le novitÓ di questa versione:

- ADDED: Amiga Game Selector 2 by Per Oloffson.
- ADDED: EasyMod 1.0 by Ralph Debussman.
- ADDED: MUI Royale 1.4 and Plananarama 1.0 by Andreas Falkenhan.
- ADDED: Cgxroute 0.2 by Megacz.
- ADDED: TKPlayer 2.1 by Thilo Koehler.
- ADDED: New Clockfaces by DH of the English Amiga Board.
- ADDED: FreeDB 13.8 by Alfonso Ranieri.
- ADDED: ModExplorer by Joerg Renkert. Skin used by Paul Kitching.
- ADDED: ReqList0_91 by Khamsonh Marcel 'ninji' Khounlivong.
- ADDED: Sed and Cut from the unixcdms pack from Jean Francois Fabre.
- ADDED: Rep 1.3 and FSearch 2.0 by D. Keletsekis.
- ADDED: Songs directory in AmiKit:Utilities/Expansion.
- ADDED: GoldRunner song by Gibs from "From Past to Present".
- ADDED: Booting sound "StillAlive". Music by DjNick and voice by Dani Hermans.
- FIXED: ScummVM AGA now starts from the Workbench.
- FIXED: HippoPlayer by the author, K-P Koljonen, Jan 2017.
- UPDATED: Icon.library 46.4.449 by Peter Keunecke.
- UPDATED: AmigaAMP 3.20 by Thomas Wencel.
- UPDATED: ImageConverter by Thilo Koehler.
- UPDATED: IconMaker by James Stalham.
- UPDATED: All of the menus.
- UPDATED: LittleClock, Oct 2016 by Thomas Rapp.
- UPDATED: SimpleMail 0.43 by Sebastian Bauer.
- UPDATED: LoadModule 45.7 by Thomas Richter.
- UPDATED: MUI-5.0-2017R1
- UPDATED: MMULib 46.12 by Thomas Richter.
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.6, 11/12/2016 by Artur Jarosik.
- CHANGED: Sed without FPU by Jean Francois Fabre.
- CHANGED: "Better Config" script.

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