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Rif: WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta Series Development

WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 11 (27 Febbraio 2015)

- Supra HD autoconfig state was not reset when system was reset.
- 68000 bus/address error stack frame I/N bit emulated, added better check for odd stack in exception stack frame writes. Also added helpers for bus error checks for platforms that need it (UAE 68k emulator is also used by Hatari) I don't know any program (or protection) that uses it but crashing/buggy programs may trigger it.
- Show also currently selected accelerator board in harddrive controller selection.
- Toccata capture support, not tested. Uses WASAPI (=Vista or newer only) and uses Windows default recording device, not configurable yet. First tries to allocate exclusive mode, if it fails, retries with shared mode. Note that only exclusive mode allows configurable sampling frequency, shared uses value set in Windows recording sound control panel.
- Tweaked A590/A2091 DMAC interrupt handling and DMAC-01 DMA transfer counter emulation.
- Added Kupke Golem v3.9 ROM image, not emulated, Golem does not use any SCSI chips, it is very difficult to guess function of each IO address.
- CDTV SCSI works again, broke when A2090 support was added.
- A26x0 J304 jumper emulation fixed. It should not be active anymore after autoconfig io gets enabled.
- Added rare SupraDrive 2000 DMA emulation. Boot ROM are not available, some supra install disks have on-disk loadable driver which has bug in 2000 DMA model specific code that causes it to hang (uses wrong address register, overwrites one inportant byte in interrupt handler code..) Perfect. AMAB6 ROM is selectable in rom select box but it is not compatible with 2000 DMA. (Thanks to mark_k for HD driver disassembling and examination)
- Non-image CD last available block number calculation changed, do not trust geometry Windows returns. (Fixes OS41FE install error)
- Fixed OS41FE RTG graphics mode switch crash. (Check Cirrus Logic VRAM bounds before calling redraw routines, apparently driver first switches mode, then sets new display offset, this can cause temporary out of bounds access in emulation) [Thanks to famous anonymous user for OS41FE donation]

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