Discussione: nLite 1.0 beta 1
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What's new:
v1.0 beta 1
- new: Windows XP x64 Pro Support
- new: Patches page
- new: nLite Processing Priority option
- new: Program Files path
- new: Clean MUI Languages support entries
- new: XPize uAE integration support
- new: Turkish translation
- fix: Win2k mxdr_ file report
- fix: Win2k C-Index error pop
- fix: RVMPack copy issue
- fix: Win2k3 manual install
- fix: Chinese lang issues in specific removal setup
- fix: PressAnyKey prompt removal
- fix: few services name entries (ipx mostly)
- fix: Server Unattended options enabled for Win2k server
- fix(#0000001): Tcpip patch (also now shows current value)
- fix(#0000008): win2k missing inf files on browse
- fix(#0000022): refresh after slipstream
- fix(#0000026): gsicon.exe integration
- fix(#0000028): driver install popup (for all windows)
- fix(#0000035): Windows 2003 SBS winnt.sif
- new: Tape drives driver
- new: Administrative templates
- new: Document Templates
- update: Ports (files and services removed, be careful)
- update: IPX (more files removed)
- update: Color Schemes (more entries removed)
- fix(#0000030): Sysprep Compatibility
- fix(#0000002): Desk Clean Reg leftover
- suspended: NetDDE (some problems, will be back)

Windows 2003 x64 support was planned and probably won't need much work to be upgraded from Xp x64 support but I still haven't got trial version so can't guarantee it.
Don't use it with Windows 2003 64bit version until next revision.

There...as usual report any bugs found and if you're less experienced or don't want to take any chances wait 2-3 days and then if I don't post any updates here it's stable enough.
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