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AstroBurn - Free burning software by Daemon Tools

Leggendo la news di Daemon Tools Lite ho scoperto AstroBurn. Si tratta di un software di masterizzazione free prodotto da DISC-SOFT, lo stesso publisher che cura Daemon Tools. Ecco alcune info sul software:
ASTROBURN is a Disc-Mastering and Image writer-application. Its easy-to-use style combined with its small size, quick start and the capability to support ALL kind of optical media (CD-R, DVD-R, BluRay, HD-DVD) and simple user-interface make it the ideal partner for all DAEMON Tools users that need a burn-solution.

The best thing is: its free, similar to DAEMON Tools Lite!
(Except of course commercial use, companies and public places (schools, university) who need commercial license). ASTROBURN can either be licensed as commercial license or used as a free version for personal and non-commercial use.

The free version contains OPTIONAL toolbar - you decide to either install it and help to continue development of free version - or use it without toolbar. In both cases you lose no functionality.

ASTROBURN can be used to create(!) own discs (pre-mastering).
You can just throw in some mp3's and burn your favorite mp3 disc! Of course you can burn ANY files to disc you want.
Another option is to write image-files direct to disc, e.g. those one you created before with DAEMON Tools or ASTROBURN itself.
We believe that ASTROBURN is a perfect solution for our community for most of our users and customers.

ASTROBURN is published by DISC-SOFT publishing, the same publisher that works with DAEMON Tools Team, therefore most users should be familiar with the registration-process if they would wish to purchase commercial license for ASTROBURN.

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