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Vista ha bisogno veramente di 4gb di ram?

Ecco un articolo da leggere... pigramente faccio un copia e incolla (per chi mastica l'ingles... )


Does Vista really need 4GB of RAM?

Reader Paul was alarmed at what he recently read in a computer magazine:

"What do you think of this Computerworld article? Is 4GB RAM what Vista really needs?"

There's some controversy about just how much RAM Vista needs. As has been the case with all versions of Windows back to at least Win98, Microsoft's "minimum" recommendations should really be called "life-support" standards the least amount of PC hardware required to get the operating system barely alive and functioning.

For Vista, Microsoft says you need at least an 800MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a graphics processor that's at least DirectX 9 compatible. Vista will indeed run on such a system, but you won't enjoy the experience. You'll also lose key features of Vista, such as the new interface.

Microsoft's "recommended" standard including a 1GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, a graphics card with at least 128 MB of video RAM, a WDDM driver, and 32 bits/pixel output is a more realistic minimum for real-life use, where you'd actually be trying to be productive with Vista. A system like this should allow all the key components of Vista to load and run. But even then, a "recommended" hardware standard is not the same as an "optimal" setup.

Many pundits recommend at least 2GB of RAM, which was a sweet spot for XP. Vista is larger and more complex than XP, so it will not run as well on 2GB as XP does. Nevertheless, many users will find Vista's performance perfectly acceptable in this range.

That's where the 4GB recommendations come in. All the 32-bit versions of Vista can handle up to 4GB of RAM (the 64-bit versions can handle more). So, the reasoning goes, you might as well throw in as much RAM as Vista will allow. That way, you'll have access to all of the new operating system's features with no performance loss compared to XP.

So, does Vista really need 4GB? No. Vista will run in a limited way with as little as 512MB. It will run passingly with 1GB, and fairly well with 2GB. But, if you're looking to get as much out of Vista as it has to offer, then yes, you need 4GB of RAM.


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