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15-08-2005, 19.16.44
Representative of the company

Our company takes leading positions on the market of our granted services. As our main office is located in U.K., we do not have the possibility to cooperate perfectly with our clients from different countries. That is why we are searching for the people who would become our representatives in those countries where our clients are. You may be one of those people.

You should have a bank account and a few hours a week of free time to receive and forward the funds of our company. Many people ask why our clients can not send the money to the Companys bank account directly. Unfortunately, our bank limited the receipt of such funds from abroad. That is why we have to hire people who would become our representatives in other countries.

YOUR WORK is to receive the payments on your bank account and send them to our Company through Western Union services. As we start to present our services only after the receipt of the payments, you should take the money from the bank and send it directly to us through Western Union. After that we will render the complete set of services for the client. On carrying out a successful bargain you will be attached to the client as a financial agent of the company. Accordingly, making up a unified team, we will be able to improve the productivity and reputation of our Company.

XmediaBuil is an integrated marketing firm that helps guide clients through new paths of marketing success. Our quick, instinctive and disciplined approach assures all your tracks are covered before any strategy or creative execution begins. Nearly extinct in an industry running wild with mega-agencies, XmediaBuil nurtures client relationships with an intimate, personalized approach.

We hope, that you have read the information about our company, which offers advertising services in different kinds of business. We have fulfilled many orders of different advertizers and sponsors in some countries of the Italy. Taking into consideration increasing demand we need more agencies in Italy. So, we would like to offer you to work with us as our oficial representatives in your countries. You will get an excellent salary and it wouldn't be difficult for you. Besides, you will get an opportunity to be more skilled in this branch of business.
If our proposal is interested for you,


15-08-2005, 22.46.02
...cercano rappresentanti x altri paesi....

15-08-2005, 22.59.58
Si, la traduzione non Ŕ difficile :o , ma gia' da tempo girava qualcuno che chiedeva un " bank account "....ed anche questi signori chiedono un " bank account ". Mah! :rolleyes:

15-08-2005, 23.09.32
..ci sarÓ stata una moria di bank account...!!!