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16-06-2005, 16.39.18
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What is Spurl.net?

Spurl.net is a free on-line bookmarking service and search engine. It allows you to store and quickly access again all the interesting pages you find on the web from any Internet connected computer.

With Spurl.net you will never have to lose a good link again. You can search your links, notes and in fact the entire text of all the pages you've ever "spurled".

You can start by uploading the bookmarks from all your computers - after that all your bookmarks will be accessible in one place.

And because thousands of other users are using Spurl.net as well, you will discover interesting links through recommendations, hot lists and more.

Works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape and Mozilla based browsers on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Start spurling now (http://www.spurl.net/)