Visualizza versione completa : NSIS 2.06

20-03-2005, 16.06.29
Uscita la nuova versione dell'installer opensource targato Nullsoft.
Queste le novitÓ della versione:

Major Changes

* Fixed a bug, introduced in 2.05, that made components selection not
function properly if the first section in the script was a section group
* Fixed a bug, introduced in 2.05, that corrupted the state of section
groups inside section groups (bug #1155836)

New/Changed Commands

* Added MB_RTLREADING style to MessageBox (RFE #1159701)
* All registry instructions now accept SHCTX which is replaced with HKLM or
HKCU on runtime according to SetShellVarContext (RFE #1124901)

Minor Changes

* Added Belarusian and Icelandic language files
* Added components.c to the Makefile (patch #1123154)
* Added missing ClearErrors in GetWindowsVersion (bug #1155588)
* Fixed a bug in install.sh that made it try to install a non existing
* Fixed a bug in the Russian language file distributed with 2.05
* Fixed a bug that caused SetFont to not function properly with RTL
languages on Windows 9x (bug #1159700)
* Fixed a bug, introduced in 2.05, that caused problems with InstType /
* Fixed a crash caused by compiling large uninstallers (bug #1144763)
* Fixed compile error without NSIS_CONFIG_CRC_SUPPORT
* Fixed compile errors of MinGW on POSIX for source code under Contrib
(patch #1164307)
* Fixed plug-ins directory initialization for extremely restricted guest
users with no directory listing access to the temporary directory
* Made install.sh not use $(tempfile) and install files under /usr/share
instead of /lib (patch #1120399)
* Minor documentation updates and fixes
* Updated Slovenian, Serbian and Serbian Latin language files

Utilities and Plug-ins

* AdvSplash: Fixed a small memory leak (Thanks Takhir)
* StartMenu: Added support for SetCtlColors (RFE #711900)