Visualizza versione completa : StuffIt Deluxe v8.5.2.165

07-12-2004, 00.00.13
Accessing email attachments and downloads is just the beginning. Creating compressed archives that open easily on any computer is just scratching the surface. StuffIt helps you organize, search, browse, and use Zip and StuffIt archives just like folders. Plus, stuffing your data into archives not only makes them easier to manage, but safer. Built-in error correction prevents file corruption so you can send and store data safely.

Download1 Win Standard: http://www.allume.com/downloads/files/StuffItStd8.5.2.165Setup.exe
Download2 Mac Standard: http://www.allume.com/downloads/files/stuffit_std_90_x_install.dmg


more info about Win Edition : http://www.stuffit.com/win/index.html
more info about Mac Edition : http://www.stuffit.com/mac/index.html


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