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02-12-2004, 23.35.43
Everest Dictionary is a free dictionary. There are 37 dictionary databases available at this moment. Everest Dictionary was downloaded more than 500.000 times and the number of downloads grows every day.

Components of Everest Dictionary:

- Covers all main european languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian.
- Possibility to search words in many dictionaries
- Possibility to search words across many dictionaries
- Possibility to search words in an indexed order.
- Possibility to search using regular expressions.
- Speech agent for the English words.
- Multi-language Interface.
- Search History.
- Learning Game - a game to help you improve your vocabulary.

- Automaticaly translates the selected text on RCTRL+RCLICK in almost every Windows application. More on this feature in Everst Help.

- Online Translator between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese languages.
- Instant Translation of clipboard using CTRL+D.
- Save and email translation by a single click.

- Everest Glossary is a possibility to extend Everest Dictionay by creating glossaries with your own words.
-Create, save and share glossaries with your friends.

- browse resources recommended by free-soft.ro
- keep history of your favorite resource on web and access them in your favourite dictionary - Everest Dictionary.

- keep in touch with the author of Everest Dictionary, express your wishes or send bug reports.

- If your speech agent does not work properly, please install the following two files from Microsoft website: tv_enua.exe and spchapi.exe .
- Spanish Synonyms Dictionary is a Brazilian-Postuguese Synonyms dictionary.

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