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27-10-2004, 09.06.32
Tante novitÓ da Apple:
- iPod Photo
- iPod U2
- iTunes 4.7

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02-11-2004, 10.11.20
Un commento, di parte :devil:, sulle novitÓ Apple:
Apple Releases Uninspiring iPod Photo, iPod U2 Special Edition

In a bid to fend off advances from the Microsoft camp, Apple
Computer yesterday introduced two new iPod portable audio devices, one
of which can display digital photos on its tiny color screen. The
other new iPod, dubbed the iPod U2 Special Edition, provides lucky
buyers with a black body and red scroll wheel, all for just an
additional $50 over an otherwise identical white iPod.
Yes, these releases aren't that inspiring. The reality of the
long-expected iPod Photo is far less impressive than the mock-ups fan
sites created in the days leading up to the launch. The iPod Photo
features the standard but tiny 2" screen that adorns other iPods. By
comparison, the Creative Labs Zen Portable Media Center, which also
displays photos and music but adds support for videos and recorded TV
shows, features a much larger 3.8" screen and higher resolution (320 x
240 compared with 220 x 176 for the iPod Photo). The Zen also gets
dramatically better battery life. However, Apple says it kept the
screen small to keep the iPod small, sacrificing both the display and
battery life, presumably, for style.