Visualizza versione completa : FoxMail 5.0 finale in inglese

22-04-2004, 18.18.42
E finalmente uscita la versione finale in inglese (prima c'era solo in cinese) di FoxMail, un ottimo client di posta completamente gratuito... (Y)
Queste le modifiche apportate con la nuova versione:
1. Digital Signature and Encryption
The Security mail protects your data as it travels through the Internet, and verifies the identity of the sender. The user can receive/send digitally signed or encrypted E-mail by the Digital Certificate.
2. Anti spam mail
Foxmail provide very strong function of Anti Spam mail, which can use many techniques to differentiate the mails, accurately recognize Spam mail or non-spam mail.
3. Receive and send International Email
Foxmail can receive and correctly display E-mail documents in difference language systems from all around the world.
4. Compatible with Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo mailbox
Use Foxmail, you can easily receive and send mails via Hotmail and MSN mailbox, or receive mails from yahoo mailbox.
5. Synchronization of address book
Use the Synchronization of address book, the address book between end user and server will be synchronized to keep the data consistence each other.
6. Support vCard
Foxmail address book accommodate many editions of v Card, provides vCard Import and Export.
7. Display of picture attachment as embedding
Open a mail, if has picture attachment of which format are BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, WMF or PNG, then the picture would be displayed after the mail content as a embedding style, no necessary to open the picture one by one.
8. Other Improvement
1) Import Foxamil account and mailbox.
2) Provide strong Searching Function for local mailbox.
3) Automatically delete overdue mail in the server. (set up in the Account Properties dialogue)
4) Raise the display efficiency of address book, also add fields for nickname, surname and last name.
5) Copy mails among different mail box.
6) Drag attachment icon to “save as” attachment in the mail reading dialogue.
7) Show recipients as object style.
8) Distant management of list order of the mail information.
9) Add import TXT file function in the address book
10) Recover deleted card by address book.
11) Add deleting mail attachment function.
12) When the Sent Box has Awaiting mail, mark red figure behind mail box so as to remind user that there is still mail waiting to be sent.
La pagina di riferimento é questa: http://fox.foxmail.com.cn/english/
La pagina per il download é questa: http://fox.foxmail.com.cn/english2.htm

PS: l'installazione chiede se si vuole aggiornare automaticamente le versioni precedenti, salvatevi comunque tutta la cartella prima di aggiornare!

23-04-2004, 10.02.16
Grazie x la segnalazione ;(

Un client davvero interessante !