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16-10-2003, 11.30.00
Sembra bello, gratuito.

Serenade is a completely customizable shell replacement for Windows. The shell is the set of objects on your screen whose sole purpose is navigating your computer. On most computers, the shell consists of the start menu, the task bar, and the desktop icons.

Serenade replaces these drab and often difficult to manage controls with a set of controls (which can be completely customized via themes) which make managing your computer much easier. For example, the virtual desktop allows you to have 4 virtual screens (actually as many as you want, the default is four), aligned in a square. In each desktop you can have different programs running. When you want to switch to a different screen, either click on the new desktop (which shows a small preview of what it looks like), or use convenient hotkeys to switch between desktops.

The virtual desktop isn't the only control that Serenade comes with. There is the convenient volume control with hotkeys, the clock, the task bar (which functions like the windows' taskbar), desktop buttons, and much more.

The end result of running Serenade is a computer that not only is much better looking, but also allows you, the user to spend less time navigating your computer, and more time using it. Surprisingly with all of this functionality, most users actually experience a speed increase in actual program speed while running Serenade!