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19-08-2003, 15.05.29
E' uscita le versione 4.09 di SpeedFan, ottimo programma per il controllo delle temperature e del regime di rotazione delle ventole.

Lo trovate qui:

Queste le novitÓ:
- added full support for SIS655

- added full support for ICH5
- added full support for SIS746
- added full support for W83627THF
- added preliminary support for VT1211
- added full support for VIA VT8237
- reduced the amount of data output in the SEND REPORT for PCI devices
- recognized more CPUs (mostly P3, Athlon and P4)
- improved TYAN support
- added support for ICS952005
- values for some ITxxxx sensors are no longer restored when exiting (this should solve the "fans set to 100% upon program termination" issue on some MBs)
- added support for ICS9248-171
- changed fan and temp readings for VT8231
- properly read large HDD size
- added preliminary support for ICS 9248-39
- added support for W311 (VIA EPIA M9000)
- added automatic clock speed setting based on CPU usage
- added preliminary support for FUJITSU SIEMENS (POSEIDON?)
- tray icon shows last value and no longer the average
- added preliminary support for EMC6D102
- added preliminary support for ISC952607 (ASUS P4P800 DeLuxe)
- added preliminary detection for ADT7316, ADT7317, ADT7318
- added preliminary detection for ADT7516, ADT7517, ADT7518
- added preliminary detection for ADT7460, ADT7461
- added history charting
- added support for alternate BLOCK operations with some INTEL ICHs
- added detection for ICH slave address
- extended the help file to describe new features