Visualizza versione completa : Voodoo Banshee Windows® XP Driver KIT v5.3

17-07-2003, 00.54.06
Per chi ha ancora nel cassetto una 3Dfx Banshee 16Mb Agp... ;)

Driver Info:
Voodoo Banshee Driver kit: 5.3
Voodoo Banshee WinXP 2D/3D Display Drivers:
Voodoo Banshee Glide2x Driver: (eVoodoo 4 excl. ver.)
Voodoo Banshee Glide3x Driver:
Voodoo Banshee Control Panel (XP Compatible):
GxpOGL version :
OpenGL Driver Version: ICD

Fix in V5.3:
- Fixed some bad inf entries. Now Glide3x and OpenGL apps runs faster.
- Added the new McLeod eVoodoo 4 Glide2x dll.
- Performance increased in Glide2x apps.
- Added/corrected some entries in the inf file using the new 3Dfx Leaked Source.

Files 1: http://banshee.iespana.es/bansheexp/Bansheexp-v53.part1.rar
Files 2: http://banshee.iespana.es/bansheexp/Bansheexp-v53.part2.rar

17-07-2003, 15.59.12
Scusami Giorgius,
ma parte1 e parte2 sembrano identici...???:confused: