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03-07-2003, 17.08.50
Let's face it, in the real world many people simply aren't willing to buy and install a specific encryption package just to be able to read a couple of files you send them. With iOpus Secure Email Attachments (SEA) they don't have to, because you can send them self-decrypting archives that "unpack" themselves. The recipient just double clicks on the file and enters the password at the prompt displayed. The original files are then decrypted, extracted and written to your disk automatically.

In just a few moments, you can create an encrypted, compressed attachment with your sensitive documents. Ideal for sending information by email or making secure backups.
Thanks to compression, iOpus SEA packages are up to 95 % smaller than the original files, saving time and money for e-mail transmission.
The recipient requires no special software, because iOpus SEA packages decode themselves after the password is entered.
If desired, your company logo, a custom message, and a link to your home page can be displayed: the perfect combination of branding and security.
In addition, your disclaimer may be displayed: your client has to accept it before decrypting the iOpus SEA package.
iOpus SEA uses the Blowfish encryption algorithm with a key length of up to 448 bits. Blowfish encryption is so strong that it has never been cracked yet. In fact, most experts agree that it cannot be cracked with current computer technology and that includes supercomputers!

Your time is not worth waiting for your computer to do what you want him to do. iOpus SEA is very fast. Encrypting or decrypting a file hardly takes any longer than copying it.

iOpus SEA protects your data not only on its way across the internet, but also on the recipient's PC.

Easy to learn - no training required

Important note: iOpus SEA has no "supervisor mode" or back doors for accessing your data if you lose or forget your password.

iOpus SEA is 100% ready for Windows® XP.

All functions are supported in all Windows versions, including Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP!


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