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10-06-2003, 23.27.15
impload complete MP3pro

Encoder, Decoder, Player, Burner, Recorder, Manager, and more
MP3/MP3pro without limits - just do what you like!

The intuitive interface of complete MP3pro offers fast access to all functions: play and refine MP3, MP3pro, wave, aiff, wma, and Ogg Vorbis files with effects, rip and convert music CDs, receive and edit ID3 tags, edit and combine MP3s directly, create playlists and burn your CD immediately. The integrated database helps you sort, filter, search, and play your audio files. And since the same over and over makes you stoopeed, with complete MP3pro you can receive and record internet radio! Also: skins, VST plug-ins, visualz, FTP client, CD cover, CDDB, and, and, and...





10-06-2003, 23.30.15

Oh Lord, give us more hard drives!
Because with complete MP3pro you can lean back and expand your MP3 collection at the same time: just hit the Record button! Simply select the radio station, hit record, done! Easier than snatching a lollypop from a child ;-)
While you rock to the tunes, they're automatically recorded! And best of all: complete MP3pro saves all tracks separately, names them something like "Artist - Title.mp3" and writes that info into the ID3 tag. For a fast start a list of radio stations is already included!

10-06-2003, 23.31.06
Se mantiene quel che promette.

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26-06-2003, 16.59.54
non c'e più. aloa

28-06-2003, 00.28.28
Ma iò sito c'è ancora. Prob hanno cambiato versione e quindi link.