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Fat George
26-05-2003, 17.35.29
SynchronX un semplice, valido, leggero programma gratuito per mettere in sincronia cartelle differenti per esempio tra portatile e unita' centrale. Funzionante anche tra cartelle di rete.

Dal sito del produttore:

The Ultimate Directory Synchronizer

Have you ever tried to use the Windows briefcase? Did you manage to understand all its features, options and possibilities?

Well, we tried... and then decided to program SynchronX instead!

SynchronX, is a very small and free utility that allows you to make two directories identical by copying any modified files from one directory to another. This is all it does, but it does it efficiently and fast.

It has a quick and straightforward interface
Sports powerful filtering possibilities, accessible via simple pop-up menus
Creates shortcuts on the desktop (synchronize directories with a simple double click)
Far faster than dragging and dropping files!
A must have for people who deal with a large number of files.

SynchronX comes with a comprehensive help file
(you won't need it anyway) in both French and English.

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