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21-05-2003, 11.32.47
Ve la riporto cosė come l'ho ricevuta dal servizio news di Ziff Davies.

The Palyh worm is designed to look like a patch from
Microsoft, a cool screensaver, an approval, or a bunch of
other random messages. But when you click on the attached
file, watch out! It emails itself, looks for open shared
volumes and other nasty things. We've got all the details on
this spreading virus, including details on what to do if you
get it.

Palyh Worm Assaults the Web:

Avoiding, and Eradicating, the Worm:

Could SCO Be the Death of Linux?

Unix vendor SCO is suing IBM, claiming Linux stole its Unix,
then gave it away to the world. The Open Source Initiative
just fired back with a stinging rebuke, claiming that the
suit could kill Linux off just as it's starting to gain
traction. Anticipating a huge legal mess, the other big
enterprise OS player, Microsoft, just licensed source code
and software patents from SCO. So now Big Green's in
Happyland, while IBM and Linux are in the doghouse -- at
least according to SCO. What will the judge say? If you use
Linux or open source anywhere in your organization, this may
be the most important story of the year!

Trouble in Linux-Land:

Microsoft Covers its Rear End: