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24-01-2003, 03.18.23
E si, bazzicando in vari forum ho trovato una ISO di questo OS mai nato da mamma MS, eppure sto scaricando ora il cd non bootabile di 200mb +/-. ;P


Eccovi alcuni screen:


Windows Neptune:

Neptune will be the first release using the NT kernel in a "Consumer Windows" OS as opposed to Windows 2000 being branded "Business Windows". Much like Millennium, Neptune will be a true 32bit OS, though using the NT kernel it will be better equipped to handle multitasking. Another quiet similar feature between Millennium and Neptune is the idea of a self-healing OS, except with Neptune it will be known as Wintone, which includes a self-updating feature. Active Desktop will be playing a very large roll in the GUI. It seems Bill believes we all wish to surf our computers like they where a webpage. Neptune is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2001.

Microsoft are really trying to keep there strangle hold on the home market. Offering stability improvements, a much-revised first time user experience and a totally new GUI with Neptune. Also taking bounds in the multimedia world with all new releases. Microsoft now finds themselves in a war on their home turf. No longer the difference of hardware platforms will decide the Operating System the user chooses. Lets now look at some of these competitors.

Praticamente Ŕ il NONNO si Windows (codename:) Whistler, oggi consciuto come XP :D
Se interessa la iso contattatemi, cmq va abbastanza bene, ovvio che non tutti i programmi vanno e explorer ha un picoclo bug con i frame, cmq se siete curiosi di installarlo....

Se lo mettete in home come curiositÓ almeno citatemi :P

24-01-2003, 07.04.04