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17-10-2001, 00.05.05
Utile programmino per masterzzare audio, piccolo (1,1 mb) comodo e maneggevole!


Features of TuneSpark
Easy and Convenient:

Built-in Mini-Explorer. You never need to leave the program to find your audio files.
You are always 1-Click away from the tool you need with the navigation bar.
In-Place hint. When you need help, it's always there for you.
State-of-the-art drag'n drop support. Adding or arranging tracks can't be easier.
With Favorite folders menu, your mp3 files are always 1-click away, no matter how deep the folders are.
TuneSpark CD Maker automatically save settings you select so you don't have to do the same thing again and again.

Fast Fast Fast:

TuneSpark's burning engine is optimized and super fast -
All decoding work is done in memory. TuneSpark doesn't create ANY temporary files.
Twin decoding technology makes sure that your CD-RW writer always gets a smooth stream. Because opening a new MP3 usually takes more time than decoding an already opened file, old burner software often fails between tracks. With TuneSpark, you will never have to worry about that.
Burn-Proof support. If your CD-RW writer supports Burn-Proof, TuneSpark will use it.


TuneSpark CD Maker supports all MP3 bitrates - from none-CD quality 32Kbps all the way to high end 320Kbps.
TuneSpark CD Maker supports WMA(Windows Media Audio) format, all bitrates.
TuneSpark CD Maker supports Wave format of all sample size and sample rate.
TuneSpark CD Maker supports TAO, DAO, and SAO Mode.
TuneSpark CD Maker supports both 74 and 80 minute disc.

Highly configurable:

With TuneSpark CD Maker, you are always in control. You can always change default settings that TuneSpark selects for you.