Visualizza versione completa : Auslogics Disk Defrag 2.0

20-05-2009, 17.58.07

•added the capability to defragment all drives at once
•added the capability to analyze any disk
•added full Unicode encoding support
•defragmentation speed improved by 30%
•added animated legend
•added the option to shut down computer after defragmentation
•added full 64 bit Windows 7 support
•added full screen option
•added exceptions list, that allows to skip all kinds of folders
•added capability to skip files with large fragments
•improved report, added status descriptions
•added more console version commands
•improved scheduler, added new start time setup options
•improved defragmentation chart and report look
•improved defragmentation chart behaviour, now it shows file locations more correctly
•improved latest Windows 7 versions support
•CPU usage during defragmentation decreased by 5% (normal CPU load)
•improved external drives, USB devices, and SSD support
•now defragmentation progress works correctly
•created a portable version, which can be downloaded from the program website
•fixed minor defragmentation algorithm bugs