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13-11-2008, 00.43.09

Floola 3.9

Floola vi consentirÓ di gestire il vostro iPod (o cellulare motorola, basta che iTunes sia supportato); caratteristiche principali sono:

Put the application on iPod and launch it on any PC, immediately
Copy add and extract songs to and from iPod
Join the social music revolution
youtube & myspace, add files to iPod just copying the page url
Create HTML files containing list of your iPod files
Manage notes
Play iPod's music
Lyric support even on older iPods (3G and above)
Easily find duplicated songs on iPod
Easily find songs lost in your iPod
Add artwork to your songs easily
Videos can be added to iPod
Convert audio and video incompatible formats

Leggi la news (http://news.wintricks.it/software/multimedia-giochi/27441/floola-3.9/)