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01-10-2008, 10.38.45
A quanto pare la Third Brigade ha deciso di dare via gratuitamente il proprio DEEP Security Firewall solo per SERVER Aziendali e Virtuali

Qui, chi fosse interessato trova i dettagli:


" Firewall Description
This enterprise grade, centrally managed, host-based firewall defends mission critical servers from attack, and enforces corporate network traffic policies. Key features include:

* Stateful inspection bi-directional firewall
* Firewall rules can filter traffic on: IP addresses, Mac addresses, Ports. Different policies for each network interface can be configured. Detect reconnaissance activities such as port scan.
* Pre-defined firewall profiles for common enterprise server types (LDAP, DHCP, FTP, Database, etc) ensuring rapid, easy deployment even in large, complex networks
* Real-time visibility and control with detailed logging, alerting, dashboards, and flexible reporting. Firewall configuration changes are audited so history of what policy changes have been made and who made the changes is captured.
* Integrates with leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions

La richiesta di download assicura sino a 10 licenze gratuite.
Gli utenti domestici e chi non dispone di macchine server per forza di cose non possono usufruire di questo firewall