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20-06-2001, 23.00.22
This is a completely reworked CloneCD. It is better, faster and more reliable than any previous version!
New features:

-Major redesign of all functions.
-"Copy on the Fly" added, including copy of Subchannel Data, ISRC numbers, Catalog Numbers, CD+G, CD+Midi, PreGaps and Indices *WITHOUT* the need of time consuming "Subchannel Scans" before the start (requires DAO-RAW capable writer).
-Own Memory Allocation, which prevents Windows to "swap out" buffers. This works with Windows 9X/ME and Windows NT/2000!
-Error skipping with several CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs (e.g., TOSHIBA) up to 3 times faster!
-CloneCD can be launched several times. If you start CloneCD several times, you can write the same image file on different recorders at the same time!
-Added optional creation of "Cue-Sheets". "Cue-Sheets" can be used to process images created with CloneCD with many other CD-Writing applications, e.g. Nero.
-Added option to abort on read errors.
-Added option to load and save copy profiles.
-Some options which only confused people have been removed.
-Improved SAO-RAW mode. SAO-RAW mode can now copy MultiSession, CD-Extra, ISRC Numbers, Catalog Numbers, Gaps and Indices.
-Added "SAO" (without RAW) mode, so the "rest of the MMC CD-Writers" is now supported as well (SONY CRX-100, HP8100, Toshiba SDR-1002, just to name a few)
-Redesigned File I/O.
-All I/O operations are now timed to prevent, that CloneCD "hangs" forever.
-Redesigned UI. Easier to use.
-All functions can be controlled by the keyboard.
-UI improved for blind or visually impaired people.
-Added "Wait for Disc Insertion" Sound.
-Demo Version now writes at full speed and saves all settings.
-Demo Version is restricted to 21 days of trial time.
-Locale Editor allows you to create your own localized CloneCD version.
-Language can be switched "on the fly".
-Added "ccddriver.dll". If support for new CD-Writers is added in a future version, only this small file needs to be updated.
-Many more CD-Recorders are supported, e.g. ACER CD-RW 1208 including CD-Text / CD+G writing and Seamless Link, AOPEN CRW1232-A/Pro including Just Link, NEC NR-7700A including Burn Proof, RICOH 7125 including Just Link, YAMAHA 2200 including BurnProof, SANYO BP1500 and SANYO BP5 including 24x writing and Burn Proof, just to name a few.
Bug fixes:

-Fixed page locking bug in ElbyCDIO driver for Windows 9x/ME.
-Fixed bug in Setup program, which caused the ElbyCDIO driver not always to be updated correctly.
-Many minor bugs fixed.
Ad maiora

24-06-2001, 17.14.51
Provato. Veramente eccellente.

24-06-2001, 23.13.54
Sono d'accordo anch'io col dire che č un ottimo programma. :)

25-06-2001, 22.22.08
Provato e tuuto molto bene per ora
Spero che non ci siano sorprese negaive in seguito
Ma io mi fido del clone mi ha dato sempre buoni risultati!
Ciao :)

27-06-2001, 19.44.02
con la versione 2.8 nessun problema; con la versione (regolarmente pagata!!) quando masterizzo col mio HP8200 su porta USB il pc si spegne e riparte da solo.
Chissā cos'č?
Saluti a tutti, bellissimo il forum...

28-06-2001, 01.47.43
Il link non funziona :(

28-06-2001, 09.01.19
grazie per la risposta, ma notoria č la mia lentezza.....cosa vuol dire il link non funziona e che devo fare?
Anora grazie