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09-03-2008, 17.24.09
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AnVir Task Manager Free 5.0.4

AnVir Task Manager Free č un task manager molto dettagliato:

Monitor and manage processes, services, Internet connections, DLLs, drivers, locked files, windows
Startup manager: manage all programs running on startup including services and Internet Explorer toolbars
Startup monitor: alerts on new startups, block undesired startup programs
Minimize windows to system tray and save taskbar space
Quick access to last launched programs and last opened folders in system tray
Dynamic icons in tray for CPU, memory and disk load
Limit the CPU usage of processes that eat a lot of CPU
Log and graph of processes activity
Fa parte di una famiglia di prodotti (http://www.anvir.com/products.htm) molto ampia, con maggiori funzionalitą, anche se a pagamento.

Leggi la news (http://news.wintricks.it/software/sistema-operativo/24688/anvir-task-manager-free-5.0.4/)

09-03-2008, 23.41.18

Un po' tardi forse...

10-03-2008, 00.09.10
..ma non troppo tardi. installato, thank you :)