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27-01-2008, 14.40.59
Per scollegare piý velocemente le periferiche Usb.

USB Disk Ejector 1.1


This was originally a program that I wrote for my own use and released just to see if anyone found it useful. Apparently people did and it was surprisingly popular.
In response to user requests Iíve now beefed it up significantly. This new version has been completely re-written and has many new features. It now works on Vista, can run as a command line application and can eject drives from the command line based on drive letter, drive name or partial drive name.
The new command line options make it especially suitable for use with a flash/pen drive, especially if you use a menu such as PStart or the Portable Apps launcher. Eg. I have PStart setup to run the program with the command line option ď/EJECTTHISí. When I run it, the program loads silently, ejects the pen drive and exits. This works regardless of the drive letter that Windows assigns the drive. I strongly recommended that you check out the readme for more information on the new command line options and how they can be used.

New in version 1.1:

* Now works on Windows Vista. Itís only been tested on XP and Vista but should work with earlier versions of Windows too.
* Changed to ísilent ejectioní by default. There are now no messages shown when a device is successfully ejected, messages are only shown when there is an error and the eject fails.
* The keyboard can now be used to eject drives (press enter).
* Completely reworked the command line options, the old ones were removed and new ones added. See the rest of the readme for more information on these.
* Drives can now be ejected entirely from the command line. You can specify a drive letter, drive name, or partial drive name.
* Mobile mode has been removed, its now automatic. The program will restart itself in mobile mode when appropriate.
* Completely rewrote the drive scanning code. USB devices that dont identify themselves as removable disks can now be managed by the program.
* Uses Vista fonts when running under Vista.


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Carino, un bel sw da mettere sul desk :)

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domani news :)

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Provato, carino e funziona. A conti fatti si risparmia un click rispetto a "rimozione sicura" :p

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Now works on Windows Vista. Itís only been tested on XP and Vista but should work with earlier versions of Windows too.appena testato con win98 SE: il progamma parte, ma non riesce a vedere la chiavetta usb collegata. Cmq carino, credo lo usero' sugli altri pc