Visualizza versione completa : Not sure my college is good for Programming

24-12-2007, 10.12.05
I need some advice maybe from people who have gotten their degrees and know stuff about computer programming degrees and what employers look for. I want to talk to some different companies about getting a computer programming degree at this college and if its good or not. If you know some large companies that I could search for I'd appreciate it.

The reason I'm having trouble is I read this article on my college and it being sued for misleading its students. Apparently people would get their associates there and try to transfer to another college and none of their credits would transfer over. Apparently they were told they would have no problem transfering. I was planning on getting my bachelor's in Computer Information Science. Very computer programming heavy, I'm told. I just started there so I haven't spent a lot of money. I'm concerned because if their associates degrees are worthless when transfering to other colleges, then how good are their bachelors and stuff for getting good jobs? The college is Florida Metropolitan University or FMU.
Not sure if companies would take the time to tell me if a degree at this college would be worth hiring or not. I believe its ACICS accredited. The level of school there is very low. The hardest math on their placement test was dividing fractions no algebra. I think any middle schooler could probably have passed their test. Also the classes, even though I'm only in the first 2, are suspiciously easy.

Anyways any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm young and a little unknowledgable about this stuff and don't really know anyone to ask. I feel like if I ask the school they won't tell me the truth.

24-12-2007, 11.59.54
Hello Brook77, i can tell you only few things about programming, but they're essential to understand that there are no colleges on the face of the Earth which can teach you how to become a programmer.
No matter if you're sure your college is good for programming or not.
You must possess three qualities to become a good programmer in your life. These are:
1 Curiosity
2 Patience
3 Determination
First of all, programming is passion and grows up day by day.
You can get all the informations you need by yourself, surfing on the internet or reading a good book, then go practice on your PC at home.
On the other hand, the school could be useful for other reasons, such as understanding what are you reading and acquire theoretical knowledge to apply to a programming language.