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01-07-2007, 03.09.34
Aggiornamento di questo programma dalla v. che ci consente di conoscere informazioni precise sulla configurazione del nostro sistema:

Detailed Information
Explore detailed information about your hardware, disk drives, video card, processor and memory. Discover more about memory and CPU usage and explore the processes running on your system.

Ease of Use
System Information is much easier to use and understand than the built-in Windows system information tool. Visual charts and diagrams will help evaluate the state of your computer.

Latest Hardware Support
Auslogics System Information is built with the latest hardware and software in mind and will support all new CPUs, HDD drives, video cards and other hardware.

Detailed Reports
Sometimes you need to send detailed information about your computer to technical support. This program can create comprehensive reports in HTML, XML or plain text format.

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Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003