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26-06-2007, 10.05.14
E' tradotto in italiano, freeware e non richiede installazione.
Da quello che mi hanno detto funziona bene, io non ho i programmi per provarlo.

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ConCon Retriever is a simple tool that gives you easy access to your MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger content, which includes:

* Custom emoticon (smiley)
* Display Picture (avatar/ user tile)
* Background
* Wink
* Deluxe Display Picture (mood/meego/muggin)
* Dynamic Background

ConCon Retriever was initially created to let us backup MSN Messenger custom emoticons easily. Now, ConCon Retriever capabilities have been improved and more features have been added.

If you use MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger for chatting, and you have a number of custom emoticons or winks or anything, give ConCon Retriever a try! You'll love its features.

* Backup MSN Messenger/ Windows Live Messenger content (emoticons, backgrounds, display pictures, winks, dynamic backgrounds, and dynamic display pictures) into an MCO file, which can be edited/ installed by many programs, including ConCon MCO Editor.
* Save to image/flash files. Save custom emoticon to image (GIF/PNG) file, save background to image (JPG/JPEG) file, save wink to shockwave flash (SWF) file, and so on.
* Search/Find emoticon based on its name or key sequence. You can also rename an emoticon or change its shortcut key sequence in ConCon Retriever. - for Windows Live Messenger 8.1 only. (Thanks to Ross)
* Protect emoticons to prevent your contacts from adding your emoticons to their list. (Or unprotect to let them add your emoticons) - for Windows Live Messenger 8.1 only. (Thanks to Ross)
* Steal DP/ emoticons. Grab your contacts' display pictures or protected custom emoticons from the cached files. You can also grab the SWF/flash files of winks sent by your contacts, but cannot install them to your MSN/ Windows Live Messenger.
* Install MCO files. To view/ edit/ create MCO files, use ConCon MCO Editor.
* Easy to use but transparent. A proof that a user-friendly tool doesn't have to conceal what it does from its users.
* No installation required. Nothing added to registry or anywhere other than the ConCon Retriever folder itself. Simply delete the folder to uninstall.
* Free! No adware. No spyware.

ConCon supports MSN Messenger 7.5, Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and 8.1 (not tested on MSN 7.0 and below).

ConCon supports unicode (eg. Asian characters).

ConCon Retriever is available in the following languages:

* English
* French
* Italian
* Spanish