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17-06-2007, 11.19.09
Auslogics System Information
Auslogics System Information provides comprehensive and easy to understand information about your system configuration. It can show hardware configuration, video-card information, OS details, list of running processes and other information. The information can be saved as a file and sent to technical support. And it's absolutely FREE.

Windows Version: Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003
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Detailed Information
Explore detailed information about your hardware, disk drives, video card, processor and memory. Discover more about memory and CPU usage and explore the processes running on your system.
Ease of Use
System Information is much easier to use and understand than the built-in Windows system information tool. Visual charts and diagrams will help evaluate the state of your computer.
Latest Hardware Support
Auslogics System Information is built with the latest hardware and software in mind and will support all new CPUs, HDD drives, video cards and other hardware.
Detailed Reports
Sometimes you need to send detailed information about your computer to technical support. This program can create comprehensive reports in HTML, XML or plain text format.
Auslogics Registry Defrag is an extremely useful program to keep your registry as compact as possible. As a result of keeping the registry defragmented and as small as possible, your computer performance will be much improved.
The program is FREE of charge.

Windows Version: Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003

System Optimization
Microsoft Windows and various program access the registry a few hundred times a second. By keeping your registry optimized you improve your computer performance.
Complete Registry Defragmentation
Data is frequently removed from the registry, but the allocated space remains. The program will scan through the registry to remove this space, reducing the size of the registry.
Ease of Use
Registry Defrag is incredibly easy to use even for a novice user. The program provides stunning visual representation of the fragmented areas in your registry.
Detailed Reports
Upon defragmenting the registry on your computer, the program prepares an HTML report with comprehensive details about registry defragmentation process.

17-06-2007, 12.24.59
qualcuno li ha provati?come sono?

17-06-2007, 13.02.45
qualcuno li ha provati?come sono?
Io li ho provati, questo Ŕ il risultato del defrag del registro.
che poi mi sia accorto di una qualsiasi differenza di velocitÓ direi una bugia.
Sono prodotti auslogic e fa dei bei programmi di solito, come il defrag del disco fisso.

17-06-2007, 13.43.55
Grazie crazy li provero, infatti mi ero trovato bene col deframentatore e volevo sapere come erano questi