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29-04-2007, 18.54.34
Da quelli della PKWARE, PKZIP, per il loro 20 compleanno regalano solo per breve tempo il programma completo, dietro registrazione via email.


* Secure email messages and attachments through integration with Microsoft OutlookŪ
* SecureZIP is the easiest way to protect your files being stored or transferred
* This limited time offer is for a full individual user license. THIS IS NOT TRIAL SOFTWARE

Easy-to-use advanced security. Don't take chances with your data. Built on the widely used ZIP standard so it's easy to deploy, SecureZIP protects your information with strong encryption powered by RSA BSAFE. Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and an intuitive user interface finally make file encryption so straightforward you actually will use it. At last-data security that's as easy as ZIP.

Additional options include Policy Manager--control encryption, digital signature, and other security policies throughout the Enterprise organization. Also available is Directory Integration--making it easy to locate, retrieve, and apply the public keys for certificate-based encryption to send encrypted files to anyone in the trusted community.

Version 11 adds the ability to encrypt e-mail body and calendar attachments via improved integration with Microsoft Outlook and re-encryption features.

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scaricato grazie:-)

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Grazie :)