Visualizza versione completa : ie7 standalone

28-04-2007, 23.24.12
Segnalatomi da un amico non l'ho testato...metto solo il link di ciņ che ho visto....

sito ie7 standalone (http://tredosoft.com/IE7_standalone)


28-04-2007, 23.28.54

Obviously some features will be broken like :

* Context menus (the one you see when you right click on an empty space).
* The main menu bar.
* Disabling popup blocker.
* Feed reader.
* Installing ActiveX components and ActiveX support.
* Showing combo-boxes
* Web pages that require authentication.
* Adding search providers via websites (like this one for example)

The only way to fix this is to install IE7 using the official installer. The reason is that they require replacing certain keys used by IE6 in the windows registry.