Visualizza versione completa : Opera v9.2 build 8732

28-02-2007, 20.22.48
Fixed several crashes when printing, sending mail, removing active web panel...
Lots of minor fixes.
Start bar is replaced by Speed Dial, Top-10 and Bookmark buttons can be found in the Appearance dialog and added to other toolbars.
Canvas: Stopped drawing lines from origin (0, 0) when using path functions in accordance with changes in WHATWG canvas spec. Note to Widget developers: This may cause problems with your Widgets if you use Canvas.

Known issues:
Overrides your search.ini file instead of merging them: Make a backup before installing.
Thumbnails should not reload on every startup.
"Reload every..." is missing from the context menu.
Middle-click doesn't open pages in the background.
Back button doesn't go back to Speed Dial.
Several skin and display problems.
Contains some hardcoded not translatable strings.
The "What is Speed Dial" link doesn't go anywhere.
Forgetting to put your partner's blog in SD1 can have dramatic consequences.

Windows build 8732 (http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/o920w_8732.exe)

Windows build 8732 MSI (http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/o920w_8732m.exe)

MAC Build 3630 (http://snapshot.opera.com/mac/o920w_3630.dmg)

Unix Systems (http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/Weekly-577/)