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24-01-2007, 00.12.08
<div align="center"><img src="/wtstaff/loghi/nCleaner%20Second%20Generation.png" /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><b><font color="#527bb5" size="4">nCleaner Second Generation 2.1.1</font></b></div><br /><br /><div align="justify"><font size="2"><b>nCleaner Second Generation</b> un interessante tool che implementa un Registry Cleaner, Tweak Manager, Startup Manager, Junk Finder, Free Space Shredder, System Resource Monitor e un System Adviser; supporta la maggior parte dei browser basati sull'engine di IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape e Opera, oltre a supportare applicazioni come Yahoo Messenger, Windows MSN Messenger, ICQ, AOL e Skype, applicazioni office.<ul><li>Clean over 80 Windows system and applications items (locations) + over 180 application plugins, making your system faster, more stable and protecting your privacy</li><li>Clean your registry and fix Windows errors</li><li>Monitor your system resources to maintain a certain amount of free disk space and optimize memory usage</li><li>Monitor you system using the System Advisor and correct critical Windows errors</li><li>Optimize system memory usage</li><li>Protect your privacy by shredding all deleted clean items (using professional algorithms), so they cannot be recovered using specialized recovery software</li><li>Add custom files and folders to be cleaned on each system clean</li><li>Choose which cookies you want to keep and which you want removed</li><li>Shred free space on all hard disks and partitions, so that previous deleted files cannot be recovered using specialized recovery software</li><li>Tweak your system to protect your privacy by enabling or disabling hidden Windows features that could have allowed intruders on your system</li><li>Tweak your system to make it faster and stable by disabling unnecessary features and services and recover resources</li><li>Use predefined Tweak profiles to enable the best Tweak configurations</li><li class="style49">Use the advanced Startup Manager to see ALL objects launched at startup including services and system objects</li><li>This powerful module allows you to spot hidden viruses or unwanted applications and disable them</li><li>Use the advanced Startup Manager to save a list file with all objects that are launched at startup</li><li>Find unnecessary files on your system (backup files, log files, invalid shortcuts and many other) and remove them</li><li>You can also add your own files you want to scan for and remove</li><li>Schedule cleans at startup, shutdown, on browser close or time based</li><li>Maintain log file with all actions and the time when they occurred</li><li>Maintain advanced statistics on how you use nCleaner and its effect</li><li>Choose one of 4 shredding algorithms for best privacy protection or clean speed</li><li>Password protect key, sensitive features in the application while still allowing cleaning the system</li></ul></font></div><br /><br /><br /><br /><table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0"><tbody><tr><td><img height="20" src="/image/icons/homeicon.gif" width="20" /></td><td align="center" bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><strong>Home Page</strong></font></td><td><font size="2"><a href="/framer.php?url=http://www.nkprod.ro/" target="_blank">NKProds Software</a></font></td></tr><tr><td><img height="20" src="/image/icons/winflag.gif" width="20" /></td><td align="center" bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><strong>Sistema Operativo</strong></font></td><td><font size="2">2000/XP/2003/Vista</font></td></tr><tr><td><img height="20" src="/image/icons/progfolder.gif" width="20" /></td><td align="center" bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><strong>Licenza</strong></font></td><td><font size="2">Freeware per uso non commerciale</font></td></tr><tr><td><img height="20" src="/image/icons/filesize.gif" width="20" /></td><td align="center" bgcolor="#527bb5"><font color="#ffffff" size="1"><strong>Download</strong></font></td><td><font size="2"><a href="http://www.nkprod.ro/ncleaner_setup.exe">nCleaner Second Generation 2.1.1</a> [ 795 KB ] <img src="/wtstaff/loghi/Italogo.png" /> <font color="#ff6600" size="1"><b>Installer</b> </font></font></td></tr></tbody></table><br /><br />

24-01-2007, 09.07.45
Sembra interessante. :)

24-01-2007, 10.52.04
Da usare con cautela e dopo i backup del caso, come tutti i programmi di questo tipo.
A me dopo, caricava solo lo sfondo e l'icone del mouse. Niente barra e niente icone, ma funzionava tutto.
Facendo CTRL+ALT+CANC compariva il task e facendo nuova operazione ho lanciato autoruns e ho confrontato con un altro PC.
Adesso OK, ma che fatica!!

27-01-2007, 01.57.34
lo provato ha fatto grandi pulizie, sul sito ho visto ke in lingua italiana ma c lo inglese

27-01-2007, 21.06.53
ei thor ma quella risposta x me? se si ma cosa hai scritto una barzeletta