Visualizza versione completa : Driver generici per Modem Isdn 128K Pci

25-02-2004, 17.15.37

(1) High speed 128Kbps (MLPPP) for Internet access
(2) Plug and Play for Windows 95,98,2000,NT,ME,XP and Linux
(3) Very easy to install and user friendly
(4) Supports both CAPI 2.0 and NDIS WAN miniport drivers
(5) G3 fax send/receive up to 14,400 bps
(6) Complete set of protocols:
PPP and Multilink PPP
X.75, T.70NL, ISO 8208 and Eurofile Transfer
V.110 and V.120
HDLC Transparent
Bit Transparent
(7) COM port simulation for existing MODEM software
(8) User friendly GUI based Utility and Diagnostic Program
(9) For BTX, T-Online, AOL, CompuServe and Swiss Online,.etc.

Sono i famigerati Driver & Utility della "Billion", funzionanti con la maggior parte dei Modem Isdn 128K Pci, marcati "Hamlet", "Trust" etc.

Billion v.3.37 for Win98/Me/Win2k/WinXP:
Mirror: http://www.billion.com/download/ISDN_cards/PCI_Cards/bpci98me2kxpdrv337.zip

Billion Isdn Utility v.3.38:
Mirror: http://www.billion.com/download/USB-ISDNTA128/ISDNUTL338.zip

Non accellerano nulla ma sono molto stabili.