Visualizza versione completa : [*NIX] Cygwin, tutti i package 'development' installati, ma gcc 'not found'

15-10-2006, 10.18.50
Ho installato le cygwin, ho installato tutti i package della categoria develop, quindi anche gcc e tutti i dintorni, però quando vado a fare un banale ./config mi viene detto che gcc e dintorni non ci sono installati.

mi sfugge qualcosa?

15-10-2006, 10.33.31
The PATH environment variable is used by Cygwin applications as a list of directories to search for executable files to run. This environment variable is converted from Windows format (e.g. C:\WinNT\system32;C:\WinNT) to UNIX format (e.g., /WinNT/system32:/WinNT) when a Cygwin process first starts. Set it so that it contains at least the x:\cygwin\bin directory where "x:\cygwin is the "root" of your cygwin installation if you wish to use cygwin tools outside of bash.

Ok, questo l'ho fatto, grazie a chi mi ha mandato il M.P.
però ora entrando nella cartella del sorgente scompattato, se faccio ./config mi dice "./config è una directory". ... quindi !?

15-10-2006, 10.58.23
perché non è config ma ./configure

Per maggiori info sul configure: ./configure --help


15-10-2006, 12.01.21

nel frattempo ho verificato il path, difatti scrivendo gcc funziona (anche se ovviamente si lamenta della mancanza dei parametri)

cmq ./configure mi dice quanto segue:

Configuring HylaFAX (tm) (aka FlexFAX) 4.3.0.

If configure does the wrong thing, check the file config.log for
information that may help you understand what went wrong.

Reading site-wide parameters from ./config.site.
YOW!! Did something bad happen or am I on a i686-pc-cygwin system?
Using /bin/gcc for a C compiler (set CC to override).
Looks like /bin/gcc supports the -g option.
Using " -g" for C compiler options.
Looks like /bin/gcc has an ANSI C preprocessor.
... but __ANSI_CPP__ is not automatically defined, will compensate.
Looks like /bin/gcc supports the -M option for generating make dependencies.

Cannot locate a suitable C++ compiler.

We attempted to compile the following test program:

class foo {
struct bar {
int a;
foo::bar::bar() { a = 0; }
foo::foo() { bar x; }
int main() { foo t; return 0; }

with these compilers:

g++ gcc CC NCC DCC gcc2 xlC

but none of them were successful.

To build this software you need a C++ compiler that supports a
reasonably modern version of C++. In particular the compiler must
support nested types and process temporary variables according to the
ANSI Reference Manual (the ARM).

If such a compiler is in a non-standard location, you can specify its
location in several ways:

o set the environment variable CXX
o create a config.local or config.site file that includes a
definition for CXX
o supply it on the command line using -with-CXX=<pathname>

If you are trying to use GNU gcc, but you do not have version 2.6.1
or newer, then you must update your compiler (and probably libg++ as
well) before you can compile this software. Consult the documentation
for information about obtaining an up-to-date version of gcc.

quello che non capisco è come mai prima dice ...

Using /bin/gcc for a C compiler (set CC to override).

... poi si lamenta che non ha un compiler !?!?