Visualizza versione completa : Opera v9.01 build 8533

14-07-2006, 18.36.22
Empty spam puts messages in trash again
Fixes to contenteditable
Several stability fixes
Several IMAP fixes
Open image in mail does now opens in new tab
Fixed bug where inline error messages opened blank
Fixed bug where Java Applet did not load when width and height set to 0
Chat colors (re)fixed
Search field now shows dropdown when using the down arrow key
Fixed bug where Error console constantly appeared by renaming preference from "Console Filter" to "Error Console Filter"
Filters with huge numbers of mail will now act significantly faster

UNIX notes:
Fixed dependencies in rpm packages
Running install.sh while Opera is running doesn't crash Opera anymore
Improved options tab in Print dialog
Background (shape) color for widgets is now grey (#505150) instead of dark blue (#375175)