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21-04-2001, 23.01.59

Ufficializzata dalla NASA il giorno 20/04/2001, le date delle spedizioni robotizzate per scoprire di cosa è composto il pianeta rosso.

Tra le novità anche l'impiego di un piccolo aereo robotizzato nella missione del 2007.

2001 -- The Mars Odyssey Orbiter, for high-resolution mapping and imaging

2003 -- Two water-sniffing Mars Exploration Rovers, for detailed field geological work

2005 -- A Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – an orbiter modeled on NASA's successful Mars Global Surveyor, but capable of imaging objects as small as a foot (30 centimeters) in diameter. Jim Garvin, NASA’s Mars exploration program scientist, likened it to putting a microscope in orbit.

2007 -- A "smart" surface lander equipped with a hazard avoidance system, precision landing capability and designed to deliver a rover laden with up to 600 pounds of scientific instruments; also in 2007, a "Scout" mission, which could entail a small Beagle 2-type lander, a balloon or an airplane. Both balloon and airplane Mars missions have been submitted as proposals in the current round of Discovery-class NASA projects.

2007 -- NASA could also kick off an international collaborative effort in 2007, teaming up with the Italian space agency on a telecommunications orbiter for Mars or with the French on a network of small landers.

2009 -- NASA could team up again with the Italians on a follow-on to the European Space Agency's 2003 Mars Express mission. The probe would carry ground-penetrating radar to prospect for water on the Red Planet.

2011 -- As early as 2011, but perhaps slipping to 2014, NASA could start a long-term project to return multiple samples of Martian soil and rock to Earth. The effort, which could cost as much as $2 billion a pop, had been on tap for 2005 under the previous plan.

(Fonte: Space.com)

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