Visualizza versione completa : Intel C++ Compiler For Linux 8.1.021 / Windows 8.1.024

27-12-2004, 16.53.01
Intel Compilers help Linux software run at top speeds. Using Intel Compilers, developers can write high-performance software for desktops and servers. These compilers are compatible with existing development environments on Linux, so it's easy to start using them. Our Linux compilers are binary compatible with GNU C, support the C++ ABI and, with a few kernel modifications, can build the kernel. Every purchase of an Intel Software Development Product includes one year of support services, which provides access to Intel Premier Support and all product updates during that time.

Ovviamente c' pure la versione per windows.

Download Intel C++ Compiler for Windows 8.1.024 (ftp://download.intel.com/software/products/compilers/downloads/W_CCX_PU_8.1.024.exe) [119 MB]

Download Intel C++ Compiler for Linux 8.1.021 (ftp://download.intel.com/software/products/compilers/downloads/l_cc_p_8.1.021.tar.gz) [125 MB]

27-12-2004, 18.18.35
Ho visto programmi scheggiare dopo essere stati compilati con il compilatore della Intel... e udite udite, scheggiavano di brutto anche su degli AMD :cool:

(ebbene s, anche io ho programmato in C :D :S)