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24-09-2003, 17.01.32
BOFH: Acronimo di Bastard Operator From Hell. Trattasi di amministratore di sistema intollerante verso gli utenti, su http://bofh.ntk.net/Bastard.html trovate molte storie divertenti su questa figura (purtoppo in inglese oppure tradotte in francese o tedesco).
Un piccolo estratto:

(suona il telefono di un BOFH)
...It's the hottest hosemonster I've ever met, and she's got a computer problem! I love it when that happens!
"What's your username?" I ask
She tells me (as if I didn't know)
Quick as I can I read all her e-mail (mostly boring stuff), then grep everyone else's mail files for her username. Nothing. Excellent!
"What's the problem?" I ask, all smiles and charm.
"I can't save my documents, it says something about space."
"Not a problem for long" I say, and delete everyone else on the same disk as her. "You should be fine now.."
"Thank you so much" she gushes. I make a mental note to do something to her account again tomorrow. "No worries."
The phone rings almost before I've got it on the hook.
"My files are all gone!" a voice whines out at me.
"When did this happen?" I ask.
"Just now..." he says, through the tears
"I see. Well, I wouldn't worry, there's three days till the end of the semester, if you work day and night until then, you should get at least a C-" ...

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