Visualizza versione completa : nuova versione di nlite 0.98

19-07-2004, 17.01.28
Whats new:
new component: Application Layer Gateway
new component: CTF Loader
new component: DR Watson
new component: Extra Fonts
new component: Internet Explorer Core
new component: Roland SoundCanvas Sound Set
new component: Shell Media Handler
new component: Telnet Server
new component: Uninterruptible Power Supply
new component: Wireless Zero Configuration
new component: Windows Media Codecs
new component: Web View
new option: Classic Setup look
new option: Uxtheme patch
new page: Unattended setup
better setup files cleanup - slower
removed option: Higher compression of drivers
suspended component: Distributed Transaction Coordinator
suspended logging
suspended Unattended Page for Win2k
lots of bugfixes

Important to point out is that Uxtheme, Sfc and Syssetup patches are done by 7imo.
Now you don't need to overwrite uxtheme.dll anymore, just apply the patch.
Let's give him a big "THANK YOU" !
In case you didn't get it Syssetup.inf is finally hacked...soon we will have much cleaner installation. So far it works only for xp sp1 and sp2 and inf is not totally cleaned, i'll clean it tomorrow.

Unattended page is not remembering settings...maybe tomorrow it will.
SfcDisable must be capitalized 0xFFFFFF9D...keep that in mind if you tamper with it.
I believe that sfc hack is not working for w2k but it does speed up install and reduces final size drastically.
Still some icon leftovers and Win2k task manager in control panel.
Autochecking of enough free space at last.
Still no chm help in W2k if IE is removed but it's ok in XP and 2k3 if IE core is kept.
btw. automatic registry tweaks are: Classic Control Panel and Disabling of Web Open With...

btw haven't tested sp2 2162 so if you get corrupted install or a report of unsigned file let me know, it could easily happen.

1. to keep System Restore, don't remove Internet Explorer and Help.
2. Virtual printers won't install after removing Printer drivers
3. If you receive some SIF line error...then redo the process from a beginning and be carefull not to choose the path twice !
4. In Windows 2000, if IE is removed you can't view chm Help files
5. nLite doesn't work with Framework 2.0 beta1...it's nLite's fault


28-08-2004, 22.53.33
come si usa?

ciao :)

29-08-2004, 01.08.19
kurt, come sai ho partecipato al 3d su HWUpgrade, ma da quando siamo passati alla 0.98 č un casino.
Non riesco a fare una iso funzionante, l'ultima buona risale alla 0.97 (quella me la conservo stretta)
Ergo ti chiedo: non ho alcuna voglia di installarmi VMWare...per cui prima di stare a smanettare per mettere su il mio HD muletto, la domanda č:

MA PORCO MONDOOOOO....questa funge :S ????


29-08-2004, 01.11.47
Originariamente inviato da afterhours
come si usa?

ciao :)
č un programma free, ti permette di creare una iso alleggerita di XP/2000, puoi, in pratica, escludere dall'installazione tutto ciņ che non intendi usare (es: IE, OE, WMP e un sacco di altra roba, come ad esempio il database di driver nativi di XP/2000) fino a ottenere un SO che una volta installato sta in 400 MB e anche meno (file di swap a parte).
Funziona come un missile, quando decide di funzionare :p perņ ci vuole moooolta pazienza. ;)