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20-01-2003, 23.51.50
Updates for The MadBoot Boot disk

The madboot Boot Disk has been updated and Improved Once Again .
Version 7.0.3 is now downloadable.

You Can also Try out MADBOOT 7.0.4 bata

I have updated the functions to optimize them and fixed a few misguided ones.

And I have added a lot of error checking, it will now tell you how many hard drives you have installed (up to 4), gives you appropriate functions to take care of each of them, tells you if you have a cd-rom drive installed, and what drive letter it is.

-- Automated Windows 95 A/ 95 B/ 95 C/ 98/ 98se/ ME/ 2000 Pro/ 2000 Corp/2000 Server/ XP Home/ XP Pro installations With Two Clicks Of Your Mouse

If you use MadBoot to install XP/2000/NT the administrator password is set to "admin" by default, you should change it as soon as possible.

-- Partition Management Automation With Two Clicks Of Your Mouse

-- Partition Management Manually

-- Low Level Format Your Hard Drive

-- Quickly Edit Important System files.

-- Clean Your Temporary files from your Computer

-- Can't Get in to your bios, Reset It With one Mouse Click.

-- And much more...

Please be careful when using The MADBOOT Boot Disk, It Can be a very Destructive Tool


21-01-2003, 18.53.59
Sì, l'ho scaricato e floppizzato giorni fa, ma non ho avuto il coraggio neppure d'avviarlo visto il messaggio iniziale ed il mio inglese inesistente. Eppure mi pare d'aver scorto belle funzioni.
Ci vorrebbe un bel resoconto in italiano. Ciao

21-01-2003, 21.11.28
infatti, ciò ho messo un bel po a capire + o - che è e questo prog. ,non è il mio campo non mi ci racapezzo più di tanto :(

21-01-2003, 21.24.27